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My recommendations


Super Tenants

Super Tenants are a band of raucous party starters who get high on life and 90s girl band mash-up covers.

A portable roaming outfit, Super Tenants will have guests singing at the top of their voices, shaking their bum, and tapping their feet.


The band will wander around the audience, breaking the ice, warming their voices, and tickling their funny bones.

Delivering four-part harmonies and fun-filled funky performances, these guys will transform your occasion into a party atmosphere that only high quality musicianship can provide.

Florence & Charles

Destination Wedding Photographers

The majority of the photographs on my website have been taken by Florence and Charles, who have the unique perspective of being married to each other - a passion which translates into their work.

They specialise in documentary wedding photography, capturing candid moments throughout your special day.

Some photographers have a single unique editing style they use when shooting weddings, however Florence and Charles like to work differently - they prefer to meet you and get to know you face-to-face to get a feel for the kind of wedding you are planning ahead of the day itself.


Then, after they photograph your nuptials, they sit down and develop an edit that suits the unique feel of your wedding.

~ ~ ~

Though most of the photos on my website are taken by Florence and Charles, some are by Max Webster and Danny North, so please also check out their brilliant work.


If you're interested in any of my recommendations above, or discovering more of the creatives I've worked with before, please get in touch and together we can come up with some brilliant bespoke ideas for your special wedding day.

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