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Why I became a celebrant

I grew up with Irish Catholic weddings, where I honestly felt quite disillusioned and confused by these ceremonies that all seemed so formulaic and repetitive, with zero individuality and certainly didn't seem to represent the people at their core.

A wedding celebrant stands between a bride and groom

A few years ago, I went to Scotland and saw my first Humanist Ceremony. I didn't realise that things could be done in such a beautiful and unique way, that truly reflected the people involved.

Not long after that, some friends of mine got in touch; they'd been coming to my storytelling shows for years and said they wanted me involved in their wedding in some way, but didn't know how. What an honour and a privilege I thought. Around this time, I was also becoming very interested in marriage - it fascinated me as I didn't know why people did it, so I began interviewing people I loved with the idea of writing a book exploring why people get married in today's modern world.

With all these paths converging, I began to look into what the options were to become a non-religious wedding celebrant. The top option seemed to be the Humanist training course, which was expensive but seemed to be the highest regarded, so I signed up. The rest is history - I am now a fully trained and experienced wedding celebrant, who has moved out from under the Humanist umbrella and operate as an independent celebrant. 

I believe weddings should be unique, vibrant and memorable celebrations of love that represent and reflect the individuals at their centre. With over ten years’ experience in the performance and festival world as a writer, event host, ceremony leader and storyteller, I know how to engage audiences with warmth, humour, professionalism and openness. I have hosted events and shows at festivals such as Wilderness and Shambala; I have conducted opening ceremonies for The Nest Collective; as well as co-managing and performing with The Embers Collective, Queer'd and Rooted Revelry.

As an independent celebrant, I weave my own original ideas and suggestions with the needs and wants of the people I work with, to craft a unique ceremony that is exactly how you want it to be. On the day itself, I will confidently deliver a celebration of love that people will remember for the rest of their lives.

It is honestly a true honour and a privilege to carry out these celebrations of love - it's the best job in the world!

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